One of the oldest roads in the City of Tanjay, Province of Negros Oriental, Central Visayas this road links four adjacent barangays; namely barangay Manipis, San Jose, Luca and San Isidro and could access to national highway-in the north going to Bacolod of Negros Occidental and to its south could lead to cities of Dumaguete and Bayawan of Negros Oriental. However, this road has not been well kept because of financial contraints ever since post world war 2 era until such time the Sealof Good Housekeeping had come out awarding municipalities and cities for financialassistance to development projects. It is worth mentioning that City of Tanjay was an awardee in 2013.

The Sturdy-looking concrete out of the amount of 3Million, which was awarded to the city of Tanjay for achieving a pretigious Seal of Good Housekeeping in 2013 resulted to the emergence of economic activities in the area and its neighbouring barangays. Actually in the city’s comprehensive land use development plan of 2000-2010, the adjacent 6-hectare contigious area owned by the city is the proposed city center of Tanjay. Potential business opportunities made the Billion-transport business of CERES. Transport acquired a 5 hectare for its transport terminal
designed to serve the north and south bound ceres liners. The area is near the city center. Housing subdivisions of Phil-South and Villegas families have been established and are offering for sale to the public, including cooperative housing.

With the above development, agriculture land use could be costly for conversion into commercial use. City and barangay revenues have been increasing due to the Multi-plier effect of community development. The city of Tanjay is gratified to have achieved the financial award from the Office of the President through the Department of Interior and Local Government or DILG. God bless!


Submitted by:

LGOO V Jerson O. Obo
PCF Regional Focal Person

PCF Provincial FP

Cluster Head