Ayungon is one of the 20 Municipalities of Negros Oriental. It is located along the coast of Tañon Strait and is 81 kilometers north of Dumaguete City, the provincial capital. It is bounded at the north by Tayasan, at the south by Bindoy, southwest by Mabinay, the west by Kabankalan, Negros Occidental and at the East by Tañon Strait.

Ayungon lies in the central part of Oriental Negros, along the coastal road of the route from Dumaguete to Bacolod. Ayungon has a total land area of 28,168 hectares. Twenty-four (24) Barangays, which are seven (7) coastal Barangays with the total population of 16,675. The inland and mountain area has seventeen (17) Barangays with the total population of 29,471.

Tampocon II is one of the 24 Barangays of Ayungon with Six (6) purok, the place is located along the coast and 0.8 km from the Proper with a total of 88 sq. m. and the total population is 2,025. Tampocon II is famous of Fishing as the major source of income, the total registered fishers is 345.

Ruiz Street is located in Purok I the only access road used by Ayungonanon especially the fishers from this Barangay from the shorelines of Tańon Strait one of the most important seascapes in the Philippines where many Ayunganons depend on their source of sustenance and livelihood. Ruiz Street is very dirty road and passing through this road way during rainy season cause inconvenience for the residents and fisher folks while during dry season dusts from the road when vehicles passes usually are the causes of different kinds of diseases especially to the children and sometimes it can cause vehicular accident.

According to the residents before the implementation of the project they always experienced poor services, they were not able to sell fresh fishes because the roads are inaccessible. In effect, they have low income. However, when the roads were fully finished, the fishermen were able to sell their catch wherever they like. Hence, the road improvement project is a big help.

Improvement of this roadway is very much important as it may also enhance the delivery of services to the Ayunganons. It is a big help to the fisher folks to improve the living condition as they can easily deliver fresh and on time their caught to the market even in the nearby Municipalities. It is expected that the residents in Ruiz Street, Tampocon II and Fisher folks who are dependents for their livelihood will directly benefits from this project.


Submitted by:

LGOO V Jerson O. Obo
PCF Regional Focal Person

PCF Provincial FP

Cluster Head