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PCF constructed the main roof of Sigma Public Market (A success story)
December 11, 2017


One of the development thrusts of the current administration of Mayor Maria T. Andaya in the area of economic development is the provision of appropriate infrastructure facilities in order to accelerate economic growth in the locality. One of such valuable facility if the public market which serves as the main trading venue for people to sell their products and where consumers buy for their needs.


But given the present state of the Sigma Public Market, a dilapidated building particularly the roofing, and unpaved flooring make the facility a seemingly non-factor towards achieving substantial economic growth. Furthermore, looking at it as the major economic enterprise and source of local revenue. For the past three years, it was observed that revenues from the operation of the public market has declined mainly because the lGU cannot impose reforms on market fees and charges because it has not introduced improvements on the facilities. This in effect has resulted to decrease in revenue collection.


Given these conditions, the current administration has put this concern on top of its development priorities. Already, it has worked out to secure the lot donation and for the past two years has earmarked an amount to start laying the foundation for site development. It has also started fund sourcing from possible project partners. But given the limited resources of the LGU and the huge amount needed to finish the project, certainly, any opportunity to source out fund like the Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) would be a big help.


“Goodbye” dilapidated and very low roof made of assorted “trapal”

Fire-hazard NO MORE!


The people of Sigma as well as the market transients and customers from the neighboring towns have long endured the inconvenience of a dilapidated and very low roof made of assorted “trapal” in their public market.


When the municipality of Sigma turned out to be qualified and was granted PCF subsidy in the amount of One million pesos (P1M), it allocated the said whole amount with the counterpart from LGU of Sigma in the amount of two million pesos (P2M) for the construction of Public Market main roof. The infrastructure project which benefits businessmen, vendors, stall owners and the consuming public will be assured not only with a new roof with new steel roof framing covering the entire interior space of the market with a height three times higher than the previous roof, but a fire hazard, spacious, clean and structurally safer public market.


“Sang una, pwerte guid kadulom kag gutok ang merkado, gani gamay lang akon mabutang nga baligya, ti gamay man kita eh,” says Manang Saling, a fish vendor from the Municipality of ivisan.


“Ay abaw! Kanami guid man magsulod sa merkado kon mayo ang pasilidad kay daw ara ka lang sa sulod sang mall nga nagalibot libot. Malimpyo kag komportable, safe pa,” utters Ruben Marcelino, a barangay kagawad in one of the Barangays of Sigma.


These positive remarks from the public will surely spread not only in Sigma but to the entire province which will result in the increase of number of businessmen doing business at the public market, thus an increase in local revenue as well as the economic growth of the municipality.


Furthermore, in order to sustain the viability and the positive results brought about by this project, the LGU was able to come up with the updated Municipal Revenue Code as a policy support to this physical infrastructure project.


Finally, a monitoring system had been established to determine the impact of the project to the people of Sigma as well as the consuming public.



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