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PCF: A Challenge to LGU’s Innovativeness (Corcuerra, Romblon)
July 24, 2014

The island municipality of Corcuera in the province of Romblon was a recipient  of a Potable Water Supply project under the Bottom-Up Budgeting in 2013 implemented by the Department of the Interior and Local Government. The said project located in Barangay Ambulong has an initial service area covering Barangays Ambulong, San Agustin, Poblacion and Tacasan. This has a population of 2,119 comprising of 531 households as of 2010 NSO Census.

          The project was operated by electric power provided by the nearby NAPOCOR Diesel Power Plant that provides 12-14 hours daily of electricity to the whole island. Having been installed in 1997, the electricity provider frequently suffers breakdown affecting the delivery of potable water to the service area. Operation using electricity is somewhat costly resulting to be the main operational cost of this project. Considering that it is a poverty alleviation project, there is a need to reduce operational cost to provide cheaper potable water to the constituents who are majority lived below the poverty threshold.

          Given the above circumstances, there is a need for a cheaper source of alternative energy to provide power to potable water system. The island is in a typical tropical location where renewable solar power is abundant.

Description: C:\Users\Northern Cluster\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\IMG_1583.jpg          And with the successive very good performance in local governance of the municipality under the administration of Atty. Rachel S. M. Baňares, Municipal Mayor in the past couple of years, after passing the bronze and silver category in the Seal of Good housekeeping, an award of One Million Pesos (1,000,000.00) was downloaded by DILG to the LGU as Performance Challenge Fund. This fund brings into reality the dreamed cheaper source of alternative energy for the potable water system.

Text Box: PCF Project:  DILG-Romblon PD Engr. Samuel Borja, Jr. visited the 3-Phase Hybrid Solar Power Supply in Ambulong, Corcuera, Romblon          The installation of a 3-Phase Hybrid Solar Power Supply System will serve as the main source of power supply and utilize the NPC-SPUG based power supply as back-up in case it is out of operation. It is more efficient, environment friendly and uninterrupted 24/7 power supply. It is believed that it will reduce the operational costs of the system resulting to cheaper potable water for the constituents and ensure the sustainability of the project.

Description: C:\Users\Northern Cluster\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\IMG_2239.jpg          The installation of the solar mounting/ foundation, equipments         and accessories was started on February 16, 2014 which lasted for almost two months before completion. But the project is not yet operational because there are some technical settings under testing for final operation.

The installation of Batteries and inverter of the Solar Power Supply

          It is expected that this project will reduce its operational costs that will result to cheaper potable water for the constituents and water-borne diseases are also expected to be reduced if not totally eliminated considering that the potable water from the system underwent reverse osmosis.



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