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A meeting place called “A Meeting Place” Construction of Tarabuan Public Market (Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) Assisted Project)August 29, 2014

The Municipality of Nueva Valencia is one of the five municipalities of Guimaras and can be reached by taking a 15-minute ferry ride from the City of Iloilo to Jordan Wharf.  From Jordan Wharf, one could take a 22-kilometer jeepney ride to Brgy.  Poblacion, Nueva Valencia where the Municipal Hall is situated.

Classified as a 3rd class municipality by the Department of Finance in 2008, Nueva Valencia is known as the tourist capital of the Province of Guimaras because of its well-known white sand beaches and islets.


Public markets are not just places of commerce. The spin-off benefits of markets are numerous. Markets provide economic opportunity, encourage development, and keep money   in the local neighborhood. Public markets also offer low-risk business opportunities for vendors and retailers. From increasing access to fresh, healthy food to providing important revenue streams, markets positively impact local businesses, governments and residents. But, perhaps most importantly is the way markets serve as public gathering places for people from different cultural and socioeconomic communities. As one of the few places where people comfortably gather and meet, markets are our neighborhoods’ original civic centers.

Recognizing Nueva Valencia’s good performance in internal housekeeping particularly in areas of development planning, sound financial management, transparency, accountability and valuing performance monitoring, the LGU was awarded with a Seal of Good Housekeeping in 2012 and a Performance Challenge Fund project worth One Million Pesos (Php 1 M).


The One Million Pesos (PhP 1 M) fund was used in the Construction of the Public Market at the Tarabuan area at Barangay Poblacion, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras.  “Tarabuan” is a dialect for “a meeting place or a place where people meet”.  Tarabuan Market was also given the amount of Eight Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php 800,000.00) as a Seal of Good Housekeeping awardee in 2011.


Situated along the National Highway the market is adjacent to the Municipal Hall, Public Plaza, Tourism Center, Rural Health Unit, Church and Nueva Valencia Central School.

The Tarabuan Public Market is likewise strategically accessible to the 22 barangays of the municipality. The market provides stall facilities to local business operators engaged in food and beverage trading to accommodate the needs of the Local Government Unit (LGU), local residents, households, transport sectors as well as the local and foreign tourists.

Successful public markets are more than just business enterprises; they are public spaces that bring together diverse people, shape communities and economies for the better.



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