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Wednesday, 08 August 2012 03:32

To monitor and assess the implementing PCF projects to awarded municipalities, DILG Operations Division Region IX headed by PCF Focal Person Elmer Egama and Technical Development Officer Engr. Moh Ali Hasan set up a weeklong activity on July 16-20, 2012 .

This activity updated the implementing projects with more than six-month implementation period by municipality in which the PCF has a subsidy worth 1 million. PCF or Performance Challenge Fund for Local Government Units  is an incentive fund to LGUs in the form of counterpart funding to high-impact capital investment projects in the Annual Investment Program (AIP) and funded out of the 20% Local Development Fund consistent with national goals and priorities. Provided that a certain municipality can comply the needed requirements, a 1 million subsidy will be given to them which can be utilized for  improving social services (e.g. school buildings, hospital and health centers, housing and settlements), providing public infrastructure, enhancing economic services (e.g. tourism facilities, irrigation systems, post harvest facilities, cold storage facilities, and other economic infrastructures and growth enhancing projects such as market, slaughterhouses, and water supply system) ,adapting to Climate Change and Preparing for Disaster (e.g. flood control, reforestation, solid waste management facilities, evacuation centers, early warning and devices and rescue equipment),and promoting good governance (Anti-Red Tape/ Anti-Corruption Systems).

“This activity will update whether the PCF has been utilized already or whether the project is on-going or is about to finish”, Egama said. Along with this activity, there was also updating of the Full Disclosure Policy whether it has been posted in three publicly accessible and conspicuous places within the municipality.

14 Municipalities were visited within the period namely: Diplahan, Malangas, Siay, Naga, Ipil, Tungawan, Titay of Zamboanga Sibugay and, Tampilisan, Leon B. Postigo, Jose Dalman, Manukan, Pres. Roxas, Polanco and Pinan of Zamboanga del Norte.

During the evaluation, a Monitoring Form was also given to be filled out by the committee in charge. The monitoring was assisted and coordinated by the Local Chief Executive, Municipal Engineer, DILG-MLGOO, and the Finance Personnel.

Given the chance to visit the sites, the monitoring team learned the progress and cause of delay of the project implemented to certain municipalities.

The photos below disclosed the site, the on-going project implementation of the PCF-recipient municipalities of Zamboanga Sibugay and Zamboanga del Norte.

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