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Performance Challenge Fund in Barobo, Sur: A Roadway to Greater RevenueJanuary 9, 2013

Barobo, Surigao del Sur – In pursuance to its vision statement stipulated in the Municipality’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) of being a “Center of Trade and Commerce and an Eco-Tourism Destination in Surigao del Sur”,  the local government of Barobo, Surigao del Sur plans for the expansion of additional commercial site along its Municipal diversion road.

            The expansion of Barobo commercial site is situated just within the public market where consumers, traders and passing-through travelers converge in the place. The plan is aimed to beef up the economic activity of the municipality centered in one area where trade and commerce take place. This plan however would entail a market site peripheral road that provides easier and convenient access road within the area for improved delivery of basic service to the community.

            The challenge now lies on the LGU to fund the proposed market perimeter road, or otherwise fund a funding agency to finance the said project.

            As the Municipality of Barobo progresses into a new economic hub of trade and commerce in the province, it would have to include in its Annual Investment Plan (AIP) the concreting of the market site road along the public market. But the on-going market site road concreting undertaken by the municipality out of its 20% Local Development Fund is not adequate for the completion of said project.

            The matter is nonetheless addressed by the Department of the Interior and Local Government’s (DILG’s) Performance Challenge Fund (PCF), which is intended for Local Government Units (LGUs) as counterpart incentive fund for high-impact capital investment projects consistent with national development goals and priorities.

            The Municipality of Barobo, being an awardee of the Seal of Good Housekeeping was able to access the PCF. Through the execution of the Memorandum of Agreement, entered into by and between the DILG and the Local Government Unit of Barobo, represented by its Municipal Mayor Felixberto S. Urbiztondo, the Performance Challenge Fund amounting to one million pesos (PhP 1 M) was released to the municipality, after complying with all the conditions required. The LGU of Barobo, likewise provided one million pesos (PhP 1 M) as its counterpart for the project entitled, “Concreting of Public Market Perimeter Road Phase II”.

            “Nalipay kaayo mi nga na-semento na ang amo agi-anan palibot dinhi sa merkado kay anindut na kaayu ang dagan sa among negosyo. Daghan na ang motuod dinhi ug dagko na among halin sa matag-adlaw. Dili na motuod ug oras ang mga mamamalit.,” remarked one market vendor renting in one of the stalls. (We are happy that the concreting of the road is finally done. Our income has increased tremendously and many customers visit the area any time of the day.)

            Now, the municipality of Barobo’s economic activity is expected to progress and to increase its revenue in the coming months. As observed, there were inflow of investments in the LGU characterized by business diversity. To highlight, several business establishments on agricultural and aqua-marine products are operating and many consumers surge to the  New Taboan market.

            Indeed, the DILG’s PCF has supported another LGU in its quest in achieving good governance by improving better lives of the community through the efficient delivery of basic services. (Florian Faith Jr. P. Bayawa, LGOO II)



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