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DILG Performance Challenge Fund to Boost Lianga Tourism Through Rehabilitation of Old Market BuildingJanuary 9, 2013


Lianga, Surigao del Sur Located at the center of Surigao del Sur province is the Municipality of Lianga where travelers often dropped-by to fill their pasalubong bags and stomachs with reasonably-priced sea foods and dry goods.

            Abundance oflocally-made products, delectable food stuffs and sea-food is what makes Lianga a famous stop-over. The haunted look of the antiquated market stalls at the heart of the municipality just facing along the shoreline barely catches the attention of its customers because it may be overshadowed by the gustatory sights of pasalubong and sea-foods.

             But the dilapidated market built during the 1960s is undeniably an unpleasant sight. The structure looks like as if it can be swept away by a single powerful wind-blow. This makes it unsafe and risky for the market vendors as well as to its customers and people inside the old market building.   

           “Ganikani-adto, ngil-ad ang among merkado pero daghan ang mo-anha kay abtanan man sa mga biyahero.Diri na sila motuod para mokaon o mamiryenda bisan pagkaraan ug ngil-ad ang sulod sa among merkado,” remarked Rhea Lozada, presently the Municipal Engineer of Lianga. (Before, the old market looks horribly terrifying because of its primeval appearance but on the contrary, many customers would still rush to the place to buy something or spend their time for meals and snacks.)

            The growing concern of the market vendors and the community reached the ears of the Local Development Council who carefully looked into the situation and made it part of the Annual Investment Plan (AIP) for C.Y. 2011 of the Municipality. The local government unit proposed its rehabilitation in order to support the local tourism industry. It was expected that if the old market building will be rehabilitated, the more it would attract customers that would generate income to the market vendors, a sign of good local revenue.

            Here now comes the Municipality of Lianga being an awardee of the Seal of Good Housekeeping (SGH), a flagship program of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) bridging the access to the Performance Challenge Fund (PCF). Under PCF, a form of counterpart funding for local development projects under LGU’s AIP is provided to the Municipality of Lianga. One million pesos is funded under the PCF while LGU of Lianga provided PhP 1,338,007.42. This time, market vendors were asked to relocate so that the old market building will be fixed.

            After seven (7) months of rehabilitation, the new Lianga Public Market now stands proudly at the center of the municipality with ten (10) convenient stalls ready for occupancy. Six (6) stalls were made available for restaurant owners, three (3) for dry goods vendors, one (1) office space to be rented by the Lianga Water District. At present, the Sangguniang Bayan is working on the Market Code in order to operationalize the newly rehabilitated public market. Projected economic activity will boost since the area is congested with many travelers caused by a nearby Lianga terminal. Local revenue of Lianga municipality is expected to increase in just a month’s time operation.

            The operation and maintenance of the Public Market will be administered by the Market Supervisor with its staff composing of the Revenue Collector, Utility Worker and a Security Guard. Monthly rentals will be collected by the Revenue Collector remitted to the Municipal Treasurer, while bookkeeping and recording will be handled by the Office of the Municipal Accountant.

            With a significant increase of tourists in Lianga who spend vacation on beach resorts along the shoreline of the municipality, buyers surge to the market stalls. This is another proof of DILG PCF completed project aiming to alleviate poverty pursuant to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which is to boost tourism and local economic development.(Florian Faith Jr. P. Bayawa, LGOO II)



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