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SAN JOSE, Province of Dinagat.  For the people of San Jose, Province of Dinagat Islands, the construction of the fish port is a realization of their dreams and aspirationsto improve their status of living.  For the first time since the founding of the municipality of San Jose, the fishermen and businessmen alike now take advantage of a concrete and permanent fish port to harbor boats and market bounties in the hope of selling and buying at a competitive cost.

            “Sa nilabay na mga katu-igan, ang fish port  hinimo gikan lang sa kahoy nga dali ra mahugno ugma bungkag sa paghapak sa hanging habagat.”,(For the past years, the fish port was only made from wood which is the reason why it can be easily damaged by waves splashing against its frail foundation brought by monsoon wind), Nestor, a  middleman laments. Teresa, a fish vendor also expressed her delight with the construction of the port because it gave her an opportunity to buy wholesale fish at a lower cost and sold at retail for a profit.  

            Fishing is a major industry not only in San Jose but all of the Province of Dinagat.  Construction of the fish port in San Jose, aside from being strategic, also facilitates other economic activities such as fish selling and ice vending.  Above all, it stabilizes the price of fish in the market that can be accessed even by the poor members of the community. It also saves the government from spending funds for the perennial repair of the wooden fish port.

            The total Fish Port Facility Project cost was P 2 million, half of which was funded under the Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). The said amount was part of the P 51 million PCF released to the different LGUs within Caraga Region.  According to Dir. Lilibeth A. Famacion of DILG Caraga, the PCF can only be accessed by the LGU who is conferred with the Seal of Good Housekeeping. 

            “An LGU can only become a Seal of Good Housekeeping recipient if it has no adverse or disclaimer COA opinion and has complied with the Full Disclosure Policy.  In brief, an LGU with Seal of Good Housekeeping promotes good governance, accountability and transparency. PCF grant will inspire the LGUs to perform better and achieve more”, she added.

            With a population of around 28,000, the Municipality of Dinagat relies on the Internal Revenue Allotment to defray government operations cost.  Any source of income to augment Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) is very much welcome.  For this reason, the Local Government Unit of Dinagat invested P1 million as counterpart for the construction of the facility. The fish port does not only improve the services to the fishing industry but it aids in improving LGU performance on local revenue generation.  It can be noted that based on the Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS) 2010 result, the LGU had 8.93% locally sourced income, way below the average of 4th class municipalities of 15.10%.

            The San Jose fish port is one of the testaments that the government is serious in its the efforts to combat poverty.  The facility was constructed not for the reason of flaunting a tangible infrastructure project for people to see but primarily because of the people’s needs. It also contributes in generating more economic activity.  In totality, the fishery sector is not the only beneficiary of said development but vendors, sari-sari stall owners, habal-habaldrivers , the ordinary people and the government. In the same manner, the funding of the projects which is anchored in Seal of Good Housekeeping is an affirmation of P-NOY’s “Tungo sa Daang Matuwid” Campaign and DILG’s battlecry of “TapatnaPalakad, BayangMaunlad”. (Bryan F. Edulzura, LGOO II, DILG XIII)


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