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The DILG conferred the Seal of Good Housekeeping to the municipality of Buenavista, a 4th class LGU in Marinduque on June 24, 2011 during the Region IV-B Tapatan Roadshow in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. The LGU likewise qualified to avail of a P1M Performance Challenge Fund (PCF) to finance projects responsive to the present administration’s priority programs for the achievement of the Millennium Development goals (MDG), tourism and economic development, PRRM Act of 2010 and ESWM Act of 2000. The Seal of Good Housekeeping and the Performance Challenge Fund, programs of the DILG that seek to recognize local government units exhibiting exemplary performances in internal housekeeping such as in planning, fiscal management, transparency and accountability and valuing performance management. All qualified LGUs or those who passed the Seal of Good Housekeeping against a set of criteria shall be eligible to avail of the Performance Challenge Fund DILG memorandum Circular 2011-62 issued on April 27, 2011. In a recently issued DILG Central Office Memorandum Circular (2011-95) dated July 1, 2011 regarding CY 2011 Implementation Guidelines of SGH, it has formally opened the SGH to all LGUs (provinces, cities and municipalities) regardless of income class which prior to the issuance of memo was only opened to certain income classes particularly those LGUs belonging to 4th to 6th class municipalities, 4th to 5th class provinces and cities. MC 2011-95 also softened the qualification criteria, the SGH is now particularly critical to two criteria, to wit: Sound Fiscal Management or the absence of an “adverse” or “disclaimer” COA Opinion on LGUs financial statements on the immediately preceding year prior to the roll-out of the Seal and Accountable and Transparent Governance or the compliance to the Full Disclosure Policy as stipulated in DILG M.C. 2010-83 and 2011-08, and as prescribed in Section 90 of R.A. No. 10147 or the GAA Act of 2011. As of this writing, the provincial government of Marinduque, municipalities of Gasan, Sta. Cruz and Torrijos are nominees for SGH, meaning they have already met the first qualification criterin under MC 2011-95 which is the Sound Fiscal Management. The regional office of DILG IV-B is still waiting for certifications from COA Regional Office any document that will show no adverse opinion against LGUs financial statements on CY 2010 to satisfy the second criterion. If such certifications will be in favor of the LGUs, they will be conferred with the Seal thus qualified for the PCF amounting to P1M each. (DILG-MARINDUQUE WEBSITE ARR_LGDS))



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