Project Information
Title:Construction of San Agustin Local Road
Description:Construction of two hundred linear meter by five meter wide, two lanes portland cement concrete pavement on an existing barangay road. To provide an al weather road for the use of local farmers in transporting farm products to the market and farm inputs from the market to their farms.
Program:Seal of Good Local Governance
City/Municipality:CITY OF MAASIN*
Exact Location:Nonok Norte, Maasin City
Category:Local Economic Development
Sub-Category:Core Local Roads and Bridges
Mode of Implementation: By Administration
Implementing Unit: LGU
Beneficiaries:Farmers and Local Residents
Number of Beneficiaries:1000
Project Status:Completed
Warning Scheme
| Completed within 1 year | Completed beyond 1 year
| Less than 6 months uncompleted | More than 6 months uncompleted
| More than 1 year uncompleted | Incomplete/Incorrect Data
Proposed Start Date: 2018-04-02
Proposed End Date: 2018-07-02
No. of Days: 91
Date of Receipt of the NTI: 2018-04-02
Actual Start: 2018-04-02
Actual End: June 30, 2018
No. of Days: 89
Project Cost
LGU Counterpart: PHP0
PCF Subsidy: PHP2,400,000
Total Project Cost: PHP2,400,000
Project Images
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Uploaded Files
Project Proposal: Construction of San Agustin Local Road Project Proposal AIP/LDIP: Construction of San Agustin Local Road Annual Investment Plan
Memorandum of Agreement: No uploaded MOA yet. Authority to Purchase (for Vehicle): No uploaded Authority to Purchase yet.
Notice to Implement: Construction of San Agustin Local Road Notice to Implement Project Completion Report: No uploaded Project Completion Report yet.
Certificate of Acceptance: No uploaded Certificate of Acceptance yet. Final Report of Disbursement: No uploaded Final Report of Disbursement yet.
Physical Accomplishment
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Financial Accomplishment

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