Project Information
Title:Concreting of Farm to Market Road at Barangay Lasip
Description:The project will serve as a connecting road of 3 barangays (Barangays Lasip, Wawa and Rosario) 3 of the biggest agricultural barangays of the Municipality of Lingayen. While there is a dike, which serve as the main road in the southern part of the municipality, it is not accessible to the inner part of the barnagays where majority of the population resides. Similarly, farms and part of the river system which serves as their main source of livelihood is situated remotely, hence the need to improve road conditions in the area to facilitate transfer of both farm inputs and outputs.
Program:Seal of Good Local Governance
Exact Location:Brgy. Lasip, Lingayen, Pangasina
Category:Local Economic Development
Sub-Category:Farm-to-Market Roads
Mode of Implementation: By Contract
Implementing Unit: LGU
Contractor/ Supplier: -
Beneficiaries:Farmers, students, working mothers, and general public
Number of Beneficiaries:0
Project Status:Completed
Warning Scheme
| Completed within 1 year | Completed beyond 1 year
| Less than 6 months uncompleted | More than 6 months uncompleted
| More than 1 year uncompleted | Incomplete/Incorrect Data
Proposed Start Date: 2018-03-01
Proposed End Date: 2018-04-30
No. of Days: 60
Date of Receipt of the NTI: 2018-03-21
Actual Start:
Actual End:
No. of Days:
Project Cost
LGU Counterpart: PHP0
PCF Subsidy: PHP2,000,000
Total Project Cost: PHP2,000,000
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Physical Accomplishment
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Financial Accomplishment

DatePCF Amount Disbursed Files UploadedRemarks
2018-06-19 PHP 1,994,406.53 view Uploaded SORD
Remaining PCF Balance PHP 5,593.47



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