Project Information
Title:Construction of Tourism Center
Description:The project will house the function/training room, office/one stop shop rest rooms and canteen/kitchen area. The center is a support facility of the on-going ecotourism park being developed by the LGU for a diversity of destination and attractions
Program:Seal of Good Local Governance
City/Municipality:CITY OF LAMITAN
Exact Location:Panansangan, Barangay Ubit, Lamitan City
Category:Local Economic Development
Sub-Category:Core Local Roads and Bridges
Mode of Implementation: By Administration
Implementing Unit: Project Implementation Team of the LGU
Beneficiaries:farmers, students, academe, children, PWD, Women
Number of Beneficiaries:5
Project Status:Completed
Proposed Start Date: 2017-04-27
Proposed End Date: 2017-11-29
No. of Days: 216
Date of Receipt of the NTI: 2017-03-29
Actual Start: 2017-08-29
Actual End: 2018-05-15
No. of Days: 259
Project Cost
LGU Counterpart: PHP0
PCF Subsidy: PHP3,400,000
Total Project Cost: PHP3,400,000
Project Images
Construction site
Construction site
Construction of Tourism Center
Construction of Tourism Center

Uploaded Files
Physical Accomplishment
Date% of AccomplishmentFiles UploadedRemarks
0000-00-00 60.00 % view Uploaded SWA
2017-09-18 35.00 % view Uploaded SWA construction is still on-going
2018-02-26 80.00 % view Uploaded SWA project is still on-going
2018-03-27 90.00 % view Uploaded SWA
2018-05-15 100.00 % view Uploaded SWA
Financial Accomplishment

DatePCF Amount Disbursed Files UploadedRemarks
2017-06-30 PHP 342.00 view Uploaded SORD on-going
2017-06-30 PHP 342,773.20 view Uploaded SORD on-going
2017-12-31 PHP 3,158,723.28 view Uploaded SORD
2018-02-28 PHP 3,158,723.28 view Uploaded SORD
2018-03-16 PHP 3,400,000.00 view Uploaded SORD
Remaining PCF Balance PHP 0.00



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