Project Information
Title:Repair & Rehabilitation of Mobile Birthing Facility
Description:This project aims to rehabilitate a vehicle formerly used as a mobile clinic and convert it into a mobile birthing clinic that will be made available and accessible especially for pregnant women who cannot travel to the district hospital or other birthing centers either due to health risks or to poverty
Program:Seal of Good Local Governance
Exact Location:Upi, Maguindanao
Category:Millenium Development Goals
Sub-Category:Birthing or Lying-in Facilities
Mode of Implementation: By Administration
Implementing Unit: Municipal Engineering Office in coordination with
Beneficiaries:women & infants
Number of Beneficiaries:19280
Project Status:Completed
Warning Scheme
| Completed within 1 year | Completed beyond 1 year
| Less than 6 months uncompleted | More than 6 months uncompleted
| More than 1 year uncompleted | Incomplete/Incorrect Data
Proposed Start Date: 2017-06-01
Proposed End Date: 2017-09-30
No. of Days: 121
Date of Receipt of the NTI: 2017-04-19
Actual Start: 2017-07-01
Actual End: 2018-04-27
No. of Days: 373
Project Cost
LGU Counterpart: PHP0
PCF Subsidy: PHP3,000,000
Total Project Cost: PHP3,000,000
Project Images
Mobile birthing facility
Mobile birthing facility
Repair of Mobile Birthing Clinic with Equipment & Facilities
Repair of Mobile Birthing Clinic with Equipment & Facilities
Mobile Birthing Clinic
Mobile Birthing Clinic

Uploaded Files
Physical Accomplishment
Date% of AccomplishmentFiles UploadedRemarks
2017-12-01 80.00 % view Uploaded SWA
2018-04-28 100.00 % view Uploaded SWA
Financial Accomplishment

DatePCF Amount Disbursed Files UploadedRemarks
2017-09-01 PHP 1,516,658.20 view Uploaded SORD Project is on-going
2017-12-01 PHP 1,789,751.77 view Uploaded SORD
2018-04-30 PHP 1,210,248.23 view Uploaded SORD
2018-04-30 PHP 3,000,000.00 view Uploaded SORD
Remaining PCF Balance PHP 0.00



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