Project Information
Title:Construction of Women and Children Crisis and Development Center
Description:Women and Children Crisis and Development Center is a residential care facility that will cater women especially in difficult circumstances (abused and maltreated women/wife) and children in need of special protection (abused, neglected, abandoned, street children, foundling and the like) who will be given protection, temporary shelter, attention and care. While they are admitted in the center, they will be treated with their trauma thru series of psycho-social interventions. Women will regain their psycho-social functioning thru Personal Skills Development and Livelihood Skills Training. The residential care program is an alternative form of family care providing 24hr group living services on a temporary basis to individuals whose needs cannot be met by their own families and relatives over a period of time. It is an effective edge to address and end cases of abuses and violence against women and children throughout the province.
Program:Seal of Good Local Governance
Exact Location:P3 Brgy. Cuarinta, San Jose, Dinagat Islands
Category:Millenium Development Goals
Sub-Category:School Buildings
Mode of Implementation: By Contract
Implementing Unit: LGU
Contractor/ Supplier: to be determined
Beneficiaries:Women in Especially Difficult Circumstances with their children; Children in Need of Special Protect
Number of Beneficiaries:0
Project Status:On Going
Proposed Start Date: 2017-03-31
Proposed End Date: 2017-12-29
No. of Days: 273
Date of Receipt of the NTI:
Actual Start: 2017-06-27
Actual End:
No. of Days:
Project Cost
LGU Counterpart: PHP1,000,000
PCF Subsidy: PHP4,000,000
Total Project Cost: PHP5,000,000
Project Images
Before construction
Before construction

Uploaded Files
Physical Accomplishment
Year Month % Accomplished % Total as of the Month Total Amount Cost
2017 July12.0612.06Php 598,366.09
August3.8915.95Php 187,867.40
October12.6328.58Php 631,327.35
November5.1533.73Php 256,587.51
December10.0743.80Php 498,378.68
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Financial Accomplishment

DatePCF Amount Disbursed Files UploadedRemarks
2017-09-30 PHP 746.00 view Uploaded SORD Windfall Construction/ 15% cash advance mobilization fund
2017-10-31 PHP 0.00 view Uploaded SORD NO DISBURSEMENT
2017-11-30 PHP 0.00 view Uploaded SORD NO DISBURSEMENT
2017-12-31 PHP 0.00 view Uploaded SORD No Disbursement
2018-01-31 PHP 0.00 view Uploaded SORD
2018-02-28 PHP 0.00 view Uploaded SORD no disbursement
2018-03-31 PHP 0.00 view Uploaded SORD no disbursement
2018-04-30 PHP 0.00 view Uploaded SORD No Disbursement
Remaining PCF Balance PHP 4,000,000.00



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